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Welcome to Lowestoft Art Group

Outside Demonstrators for 2015/2016

Dawn Pretty:  www.dawnpretty.com  - a painter of people and places

John Patchett:  www.john-patchett.co.uk  - well known for his fresh, vibrant pastel paintings.

Hashim Akib:   www.hashimakib.com  - His style has changed over the years from extremely detailed paintings to a much bolder, freer, impressionistic approach.

Rev Andrew Vessey:  www.andrewvessey.co.uk  - painter, poet and priest.

Ruth Wharrier:  www.ruthwharrier.com   - Botanical and Natural History painting and illustration

Christine Lester:  www.artistsandillustrators.co.uk/Christine-Lester

Mary Ann Bartlett:   www.facebook.com/maryann.bartlett.5

Claire Louise Dowson:  www.clairedowson.co.uk  - a painter working in oils, watercolour and mixed media

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In -house Demonstrators for 2015/2016

Sally Philips:  experienced painter and former chairman

David Balder:  See David on Members of Note’ page

Roly Abbott:  See Roly on Members of Note’ page

Derek Plant:   See Derek on Members of Note’ page